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Our expert Industrial Services Division offers expert repair and calibration services for Chroma power supplies, Chroma test equipment repair, Chroma load testing equipment, Chroma DC Electronic load testing, chroma systems solutions repair and calibration. For Chroma repair or calibration for your product, simply fill out our Quick Quote Form with questions or concerns regarding your Chroma test equipment repair services you and your company require! Our knowledgeable Chroma test equipment repair technicians will be back in touch with you shortly. Chroma Test Equipment repair and calibration



Chroma repair 6120

Chroma 61512-220

Chroma 61511-220

Chroma repair 6490

Chroma repair 6463

Chroma repair 6460

Chroma repair 6430

Chroma repair 6420

Chroma repair 6415

Chroma repair 6408

Chroma 66202

Chroma 66201

Chroma repair 6590

Chroma 63010

Chroma 63006

Chroma A190301

Chroma A190302

Chroma A190343

Chroma A190342

Chroma A190338

Chroma A190337

Chroma A190334

Chroma A190321

Chroma A190317

Chroma A190316

Chroma A190314

Chroma A190313

Chroma A190308

Chroma A190307

Chroma A190306

Chroma A190305

Chroma A190304

Chroma A190303

Chroma repair 6304

Chroma 66201

Chroma 66020

Chroma 62024P-80-60

Chroma 62024P-100-50

Chroma 62012P-600-8

Chroma 62012P-100-50

Chroma 62012P-80-60

Chroma A650002

Chroma repair 6512

Chroma 63105

Chroma 63103

Chroma 63102

Chroma 63101

Chroma 6314 repair

Chroma 6312 service

Chroma 6404 calibration

Chroma 6312A

Chroma 62006P-100-25

Chroma 62050P-100-100

Chroma 61501

Chroma 6710 calibration

Chroma 6520

Chroma 61704

Chroma 61703

Chroma 61702 calibration

Chroma 61701

Chroma 61605 calibration

Chroma 61604

Chroma 61603

Chroma 61602

Chroma 61601 calibration

Chroma 61505  calibration

Chroma 61504

Chroma 61503

Chroma 61502

Chroma A650001

Chroma 62150H-600S

Chroma A620019

Chroma 8190-6

Chroma 8190-3

Chroma A620023

Chroma U62000 calibration

Chroma W39000855

Chroma W39000856

Chroma 8205 calibration

Chroma 7609

Chroma 7246

Chroma 5766

Chroma 5769 calibration

Chroma 8194

Chroma 7236 SoftPanels [6330A]

Chroma 7236 SoftPanels [6310/6330]

Chroma 62050H-600

Chroma 62150H-1000S

Chroma 19055-C

Chroma 19055

Chroma 63310A

Chroma 19073-485

Chroma 19073-232

Chroma 19071-485

Chroma A190336

Chroma 19032-P

Chroma A120002

Chroma A634702

Chroma 61512-480

Chroma 61511-480

Chroma 61612-480

Chroma 61611-480

Chroma 8545-01

Chroma 62100H

Chroma A636005

Chroma A636003

Chroma A631000

Chroma 19073

Chroma 19071 calibration

Chroma 19053

Chroma 19052 calibration

Chroma A165015

Chroma A190354

Chroma A190352

Chroma A190347

Chroma A190346

Chroma A190345

Chroma 19035

Chroma A190356

Chroma A190355

Chroma A190353

Chroma A190350

Chroma 19572

Chroma A190506

Chroma 63204-600V

Chroma 63600-2

Chroma A615105

Chroma A6151001

Chroma Probe-touch GB Test Cable for Mo

Chroma Magnetic GB Test Cable for Model

Chroma A190708

Chroma A190706

Chroma A190704

Chroma A190702

Chroma A190701

Chroma A190700

Chroma A190517

Chroma A190512

Chroma A190508

Chroma A190507

Chroma A190349

Chroma A640003

Chroma A662003

Chroma 63108A

Chroma 63107A

Chroma 63106A

Chroma 63105A

Chroma 5524 calibration

Chroma 5437

Chroma 5438

Chroma 7641

Chroma 8211 calibration

Chroma 8210

Chroma 5750

Chroma 5610

Chroma 7295

Chroma 8204

Chroma 8203

Chroma 63112A

Chroma A630002

Chroma A631003

Chroma A662002

Chroma A662001

Chroma 8207

Chroma A620020

Chroma 8192

Chroma 8217

Chroma A620016

Chroma 7028

Chroma A620011

Chroma A620010

Chroma 8191

Chroma 62015B-150-10

Chroma 62015B-80-18

Chroma 62015B-60-25

Chroma 62015B-30-50

Chroma 8202

Chroma 8209 calibration

Chroma A610004

Chroma A615003

Chroma A615103

Chroma A615104

Chroma 8193

Chroma 5767

Chroma 8222-10

Chroma 8222-16

Chroma 62006P-30-80

Chroma 62012P-40-120

Chroma 62024P-40-120

Chroma 62024P-600-8

Chroma A620004

Chroma A620006

Chroma A620015

Chroma 7891

Chroma A615008

Chroma A615001

Chroma 61612-220

Chroma 63804

Chroma 63803

Chroma 63802

Chroma 6560

Chroma 5768 calibration

Chroma 6314A

Chroma 63101A

Chroma 63102A

Chroma 63103A

Chroma A630006

Chroma 62006P-300-8

Chroma 7887

Chroma A631001

Chroma 7032

Chroma 61611-220

Chroma 62015B-15-90

Chroma 7894

Chroma 63308A

Chroma 63307A

Chroma 63306A

Chroma 63305A

Chroma 63303A

Chroma 63302A

Chroma 63301A

Chroma 6334A

Chroma 6332A

Chroma 8200

Chroma 8199

Chroma 8198 calibration

Chroma 8197

Chroma 8196

Chroma 7638 calibration

Chroma A632007

Chroma 6346

Chroma A634002

Chroma A634712

Chroma A634711

Chroma A634710

Chroma A634709

Chroma A634708

Chroma A634707

Chroma A634706

Chroma A634705

Chroma A634704

Chroma A634703

Chroma A634701

Chroma A634713

Chroma 63472

Chroma A630002

Chroma A634004

Chroma A634003

Chroma A632004

Chroma A632003

Chroma 63600-5

Chroma 63600-1

Chroma A630001

Chroma 63030

Chroma 63025

Chroma 62000B-6-1

Chroma 62000B-3-1

Chroma A120001

Chroma A120000

Chroma 12061

Chroma 7641

Chroma 7640

Chroma A662007

Chroma A662006

Chroma A662005

Chroma 63610-80-20

Chroma 63630-80-60

Chroma 63640-80-80

Chroma A632002

Chroma A632001

Chroma 63210

Chroma 63209

Chroma 63208

Chroma 63207 calibration

Chroma 63206

Chroma 63205

Chroma 63204

Chroma 63203 calibration

Chroma 63202

Chroma 63201

Chroma 8208

Chroma 8201

Chroma A636001

Chroma A636000

Chroma A662004

Chroma test equipment repair

Chroma test equipment calibration and repair, micrometer, pressure, sensor, flow, oscilloscope, multimeter, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, function generator, power supply, particle counter, thermometer, odometer, microscope, humidity, balance measure area, energy, length, mass, power, pressure, temperature, time, velocity and volume, calibrate, calibrator,Some of our specialized categories of repair and calibration services include Process Controls, Meter Calibration, Instrument Meters, Megger Meters, Biddle Meters, Fluke Meters, AC/DC Drives, Servo Drives, PLC’s, Power Supplies, Inverters, Industrial Monitors Touch Screens, Encoders, Tachometers, Chart Recorders, Soft Starts, Process Controls, Meters and much more. global instrument calibration services repair services throughout the USA – ( LA, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Portland, Sacramento, Tampa Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Reno, Chicago, Illinois, Iowa, Des Moines, Ames, Maine, Colorado, Utah, Florida, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Michigan, Massachutes,) , China, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand ome of our specialized categories of repair and calibration services include Process Controls, Meter Calibration, Instrument Meters, Megger Meters, Biddle Meters, Fluke Meters, AC/DC Drives, Servo Drives, PLC’s, Power Supplies, Inverters, Industrial Monitors Touch Screens, Encoders, Tachometers, Chart Recorders, Soft Starts, Process Controls, Meters and much more.

High Power Programmable AC Source with Transients – 61510

   Low Power Programmable AC Source with Transients – 61500

   High Power Programmable AC Source – 61610

   Low Power Programmable AC Source – 61600

   3-Phase Programmable AC Source – 61700

   Regenerative Grid Simulator – 61800

   Programmable AC Source – 6400

   Programmable AC Source – 6500

Chroma DC Power Supplies

   Programmable DC Power Supply – 62000P

   Modular DC Power Supply – 62000B

   DC Power Supply – 62000H/H-S

   Ultra-High Stability DC Power Supply 62075H-30N

Solar Array Simulating DC Power Supply – 62000H-S

   Programmable AC Electronic Load – 63800

   Modular DC Electronic Load – 63600

   Modular DC Electronic Load – 6310/A

   High Power DC Electronic Load – 63200


   Single-Channel Digital Power Meters – 66201/66202

   Multi-Channel Digital Power Meters – 66203/66204

   60Hz-10MHz HF LCR Meter – 11050

   100Hz-50KHz LCR Meter – 11021/11021-L

   50Hz-100KHz LCR Meter – 11022/11025

   Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter – 11200

   Digital MultiMeter – 12061

   Milliohm Meter – 16502

Hipot & Safety Test Equipment

   Guardian Multi-Channel Hipot Tester – 19020

   Guardian Electrical Safety Analyzer – 19032

   Hybrid Wound Component EST Scanner – 19035

   Wound Component EST Analyzer – 19036

   Guardian Hipot Tester AC/DC/IR/SCAN – 19050

   Guardian Hipot Analyzer – 19055

   Guardian Hipot Analyzer – 19056/19057

   Sentry Hipot Tester AC/DC/IR – 19070

   Guardian Ground Bond Tester – 19572

Thermoelectric Instruments

   Advanced TEC Controller – 54100

   Thermal Data Logger – 51101







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